An Automated External Defibrillator, better known as an AED, is one of the most important pieces of life saving equipment that you might come across in your life.

Cardiac arrest leads to millions of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths each year. Doctors found that the likelihood of someone surviving a cardiac arrest increases when that person has access to an AED and someone who can use it. Every 60 seconds that a sudden cardiac arrest victim goes without help reduces his or her chances of survival by an outstanding 10 percent.

It's no wonder why so many programs and organizations across the country now host AED scavenger hunts.

What is an AED Scavenger Hunt?

An AED scavenger hunt is essentially a scavenger hunt where participants locate an AED in their area.

Some organizations even give participants a list of other items that they need to find around town or around their camp. Kids get the chance to hunt down simple and ordinary every day objects and find specialized medical equipment that can help save lives.

How Does it Work?

Kids in today's world understand technology better than some adults twice their age, which is why many organizations rely on technology for these hunts.

The American Camp Association recommends that groups use a hashtag with the name of their camp or organization, their state and where they found the AED. After locating the device, they take a picture of the AED with themselves in the image and post it on Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites with the hashtag.

There are also apps that you can download that let participants take and share images of AED devices they find.

Who Uses a Scavenger Hunt?

There are a number of organizations and groups using AED scavenger hunts to bring more attention and awareness to this life saving device.

The American Camp Association partnered with the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation to get camps across the country interested in hosting scavenger hunts and teaching kids more about how they can save the lives of others.

Daycare centers, schools and programs designed for kids also host similar scavenger hunts every year.

Host One of Your Own

Do you want to help kids in your community understand the importance of using an AED and why different facilities and organizations need one on hand?

With an AED scavenger hunt, you can get kids interested in life saving techniques and get them interested in the tools that doctors and others can use to save the lives of their families and friends.

The Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation can help you create your own scavenger hunt, or you can work with a local doctor or hospital to set up a hunt for the kids living in your community.