For over 40 years, Medtronic Physio Control has been an industry leader and pioneer in the medical technologies industry. Saving thousands of lives, Medtronic Physio-Control has been able to stay on the forefront and continue to extend the lives of people worldwide.

You may ask, why Medtronic Physio-Contol?
  • Physio-Control features escalating therapy up to 360 Joules
  • Over 80A% of medical professionals use their devices in their own AED program
  • The cost of maintenance is lower than any other AED on the market
  • The LIFEPAK CR Plus has a fully automatic model, the first of its kind

AEDs Today highly recommend the LIFEPAK AED line. You won’t be disappointed. You’re purchasing from a company that has over a 35% share of the defibrillator market, is the manufacturer most often preferred by rescue professionals and one that makes devices with all of the features you’ve come to expect from a next generation AED!