At AEDs Today, we love sharing stories of lives being saved by AEDs or of communities coming together to donate a new AED.

This week, we decided that we couldn’t pick just one!

Wisconsin Rapids kickball tournament raises money for AEDs

Honestly, what could be better than spending a day playing sports and listening to live music with your friends?

How about raising money for AEDs for children at the same time?

That’s exactly what some folks from Wisconsin Rapids got to do just that this past weekend, when they took part in the second annual Kick Start Your Heart fundraiser.

The event included a seven-team kickball tournament, live music, food and contests, and all proceeds went towards buying AEDs for children’s organizations that had put in requests.

One AED has already been donated to the local YMCA as a result of the event, and more donations are on the way.

Grieving family honors son’s memory with AED donation

A.J. and Nancy Barcia know the pain of having a child tragically taken from them, and they’re doing everything they can to keep other parents from having to go through it.

In 2005, 17-year-old Chad Barcia was playing in a rugby match when he collapsed and died after suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. There was no AED immediately available, something that could have saved his life.

Since then, his parents have donated more than 100 AEDs to Louisiana schools and other youth organizations through the Chad Barcia Athlete Awareness foundation.

Their most recent donation goes to a local school district and consists of 13 new AEDs.

Tennis player donates AED after having life saved

Let’s take a quick hop across the pond and take a look at this AED story from Ireland.

Declan Harkin, 57, was playing a match at his local tennis club when he suddenly felt weak and collapsed to the ground.

Luckily, his opponent just happened to work in emergency services and new exactly what was happening and how to respond. Rob Jenkins performed CPR and used the club’s AED to shock Harkin back into consciousness.

A week later, Harkin returned to the tennis club to donate an AED to the man who’d saved his life. Jenkins plans to install the AED at his own tennis club.