AEDs Today is proud to now feature the laws and codes for AEDs in the state of California on our website. 

As part of our ongoing effort to provide the very best information on AEDs and defibrillators, our team is currently going through the state laws of each state here in the United States. We then upload all laws and statutes for each individual state onto our new Resources page for the convenience of our friends and customers. 

California is notorious within the AED industry as having the strictest laws in the country pertaining to defibrillators, and the list is certainly one of the longest. California law and statutes apply to every facet of AEDs and defibrillators, including purchasing, maintenance, medical oversight, and more. 

Broken down in layman's terms, every AED program should make sure to incorporate the following in their program to ensure compliance with California state AED laws: 

1.) Have a physician oversee your program (commonly referred to as 'Medical Oversight') 

2.) Have a written safety plan. 

3.) Adhere to manufacturer's maintenance requirements and regularly test the AED. 

In addition to the above (there are other requirements that stem from the above, such as keeping monthly records of the maintenance of the AED), every recreational/health club facility is required to have an AED program in place. 

For California residents that do not want to find a physician to oversee their program and/or pay the high costs for such, AEDs Today is proud to readily provide the required medical oversight via our AED Concierge Service. This service ensures your AED program is fully compliant with all state and local statutes that pertain to defibrillators. 

If you have a question on a particular statute or would simply like a breakdown of California's AED requirements and how they might apply to your AED program, simply give us a call. Any one of our team members - myself included - will be more than happy to assist you in the development of your lifesaving program.