AED and defibrillator laws for Colorado are now proudly featured in our new Resources center. The latest addition to our comprehensive state-by-state guide is part of our ongoing effort to provide individuals with the finest information regarding automated external defibrillators. 

Every Colorado resident either conducting research for a new AED program or that might be in charge of providing support for an existing program will want to fully familiarize themselves with all Colorado statutes and codes.  

In addition to all Colorado laws and statutes pertaining to AEDs, the most important statutes have been highlighted in red that are often overlooked. Whereas you'll want to be fully familiar with all of the Colorado laws concerning AEDs and defibrillators, these codes in particularly you'll want to pay close attention to in order to avoid issues of liability. 

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Any one of our team members will be more than happy to assist you, ensuring your AED program is fully compliant with Colorado state law.