Running is one of the best options for a cardiovascular workout, but many will find themselves looking for alternatives due to injuries or simply because they are bored.

Anyone that has found themselves in a running rut and is wanting to spice up their workout should take a look at these great alternatives that will help them burn calories and increase their energy levels.

Elliptical Trainers

Outside of treadmills and bikes, elliptical trainers are often the most popular workout machine in the gym.

Elliptical trainers are incredibly easy to use and are one of the safest options for those that are recovering from an injury.

The smooth motion and varying levels of resistance will provide an excellent workout for all of the major muscle groups in the legs and health enthusiasts can also focus on their arms and shoulders by using the handles.


Along with it being a great cardio exercise, kickboxing can be altered to work all of the major muscle groups.

For those that have never kickboxed before, taking at least a few classes may be beneficial to learn the correct form and movements.

Once the basics are learned, kickboxing can be done in small spaces as a living room or hotel room while traveling. Depending on the level of intensity, upwards of 400 calories can be burned in as little as 30 minutes of movement.

Recumbent Bike

Anyone with back or knee problems will most likely need to steer clear of traditional stationary bikes and focus on recumbent bikes.

These workout machines have been designed to provide more support to the core and lower back while still working the same muscle groups as a regular bike.

Newer recumbent bikes often provide users with a wide array of programmable workouts and can track the distance gone, calories burned, and one's heart rate throughout the workout.


Swimming is often the go-to option for those that would like to burn calories while avoiding running or the use of workout machines.

Swimming is one of the best options for those that are looking to improve their overall health as it improves cardiorespiratory fitness which will help with almost all other physical activity.

Swimming also edges out both running and riding a bike in terms of calories burned.


Dancing can be done at any age and is a great cardio workout no matter one's skill level.

Dancing routines can be designed to work every muscle group throughout the body and the intensity can can be altered to make it an aerobic or anaerobic exercise.

In addition to the physical benefits, modern research shows that dancing can actually improve one's memory. A 21 year study following senior citizens showed that dancing reduced the risk of dementia and improved cognitive abilities.

No one should feel as if running or jogging is their only option when it comes to a great cardio workout. Those that would like to get their heart rate up should try out one or all of these amazing alternatives that will have them losing weight and building strength quicker than ever.