There is an entire universe of apps out there designed around nutrition and complete health. They are capable of monitoring our heart rates, counting calories, and so much more. 

It is easy to locate an app that offers some of the most basic information when it comes to our health on a daily basis. However, it can be a little more challenging to find a program that delivers regular results when it comes to accomplishing our health goals. 

Commit yourself to making some progress where your health is concerned by downloading health-based apps that actually benefit the majority of users downloading them.


People committed to improving their health who crave a more interactive experience using their smart phone as an aide should download the Cody App. 

This program takes the idea of social media platforms and applies it to potential fitness and workouts. Using this software, you can gain access to a vast community of users who have the same goals and aspirations for their bodies. 

Users share total workout approaches and routines that are accessible to everyone logging in. You can friend trainers and groups in order to gain access to new approaches. 

Additionally, you are able to track your physical progress using a time-line feature. 

There are videos, group events, and users have the option to comment on each others' approaches, allowing you to pick up valuable pointers and routine strategies.


This app takes a unique approach towards fitness, allowing users to invest in their health like they never have in the past. 

You make progress by pledging a certain dollar amount towards the number of hours or days that you will workout during a given period of time. The money incentive can be a strong motivator for the vast number of individuals. 

The incentive system works by giving users money for meeting their goals. However, missing targets means that you must pay for the workouts that you skipped. 

This app now features the same incentive system for healthy eating as well. Nutritional meals earn you incentives while the guilty pleasures come with consequences. 

In addition to holding you to your goals, this software can be integrated into other popular tracking apps.

Hot 5 Fitness

An app that is free for limited use, the Hot 5 technology is ideal for people who crave step-by-step instruction on their way to total health. 

Routines and videos are developed by top trainers in the industry, covering exercises that are perfect for individuals at all fitness levels. There are a huge number of 5-minute videos that present a number of distinct difficulty levels. 

There are a wealth of different fitness approaches that are included with this app as well. Yoga, flexibility, muscle toning, and core strengthening are just a few of the programs that are readily available to users.


Some people simply need to be able to track their daily activity in order to be aware of the calories that they are burning. 

Moves is a completely free App that acts as a constant, sophisticated pedometer. It is capable of tracking every movement throughout the day, including steps and pedals, minute by minute.

It presents you with the number of calories you have burned at any time. 

With this knowledge in hand, you can know exactly how your diet correlates to the number of calories coming in and going out regularly.