Having an unhealthy heart is no joke and should be taken very seriously.

Each individual should be taking preliminary steps to protect themselves from the various diseases that can damage the heart, especially women. Heart disease kills more than 500,000 women each year as the leader of deaths in the United States.

To ensure a healthy heart is maintained, a few tips have been listed below for women to follow.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy can definitely be difficult but if heart health is the aim, then eating healthy is mandatory.

Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, fish and foods high in nutrients are great for blood pressure and protection against heart diseases.

Foods like fried foods, red meats and the various kinds of junk foods can be detrimental to ones health. Too much of these foods can lead to clogged arteries and respiratory problems, which will lead to heart diseases and/or heart attacks.

Women can protect themselves by adapting these hearty foods into their diet and kicking the junk out the door.


Nothing leads to optimal health like exercise.

Performing some sort of physical activity per day will lead to a healthier heart. After all, the heart is a muscle, and muscles need to be trained.

Exercises assist individuals with lowering their cholesterol, burning calories and lowering blood pressure.

Women do not have to go to the extreme when it comes to exercising, it can be something as simple as taking a brisk walk or taking an aerobics class at the local fitness facility.

Reduce Stress

In most cases, women tend to be more vulnerable to stress, which is bad for your overall health.

Even though there is no direct correlation between stress and heart diseases, stress can definitely lead to certain behaviors that will contribute to heart diseases.

Women should practice avoiding stress, especially as they age and their bodies become more susceptible to harmful conditions.

While life can become troublesome, that shouldn't get in the way of maintaining your health. Just by eliminating stress, the other practices that lead to unhealthy hearts become easier to manage.

Stress isn't always easy for women (or anyone) to deal with but fortunately, there are plenty of people such a therapists, counselors and even family members that will assist with whatever one may be going through.

Visit Your Doctor Often

While some women may be implementing these very changes into their lives, they should also be visiting their doctor frequently.

Given their years of experience dealing with patients and their hearts, doctors know more about your heart than you do. They can consult women on the exact things to do to keep the heart healthy as well as provide a diagonsis on the current stage of the heart.

Special attention should be given to women in terms of their heart given the fact that they are unique and experience different symptoms than men.