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LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator/Monitor Includes: 

  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator
  • ADAPTIV Biphasic Waveform/Therapy
  • External Pacing Option
  • Detailed 8.4'' Color LCD Display
  • CPR Metronome 
  • 3-Lead ECG Monitoring and 3-Lead ECG Cable
  • Two Pairs of QUIK-COMBO Electrodes
  • 100mm Printer w/Two Rolls of Printer Paper
  • Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 Owner's Manual
  • LIFEPAK 15 Operating Instructions and Training DVD
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Free UPS Ground Shipping
Please note that the LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator does not ship with batteries and/or a carrying case. If you're in need of batteries and/or any other accessories, you can find LIFEPAK 15 accessories here

Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 | Review
The LIFEPAK 15 Defibrillator/Monitor is without a doubt the most rugged and reliable defibrillator on the market today. Created by Medtronic Physio-Control, the long-standing favorite of EMTs and EMS professionals (over 90% of rescue professionals use LIFEPAK devices), the LIFEPAK 15 combines the finest in defibrillation technology with an incredibly tough design capable of withstanding the harshest of environments and scenarios. 

As with all Physio-Control LIFEPAK devices, the LIFEPAK 15 features Physio-Control's ADAPTIV biphasic technology capable of delivering therapy of up to 360 Joules. The LIFEPAK 15 is also the first defibrillator to integrate non-invasive monitoring of carbon monoxide, SpO2, and methemoglobin (which detects certain drugs and chemical exposures). 

In addition to what we consider the finest in therapy, Physio-Control also took convenience into mind when designing their LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator. The LIFEPAK 15 is incredibly tough and capable of taking a serious beating without jeopardizing the defibrillator's integrity. Receiving an IP44 rating, the LIFEPAK 15 can withstand at least a 30-inch drop (we've actually seen and heard it survive far more than this), operate without fail in a downpour and hurricane-like winds, and more. With a rugged body and frame capable of such feats, as well as a double layered display screen and shock-absorbing handles that are equally tough, the LIFEPAK 15 truly is the most solid defibrillator/monitor ever designed. 

The LIFEPAK 15 is also incredibly user-friendly for first responders. The display screen of the LIFEPAK 15 is large (8.4-inches diagonally, to be exact), features a highly visible and detailed full-color display, and includes a great one-touch SunVue mode that ensures you and your team are able to read the pertinent details during a rescue within daylight and other scenarios, regardless of light and glare. A CPR metronome is also included, providing audible prompts to help guide a rescue without distracting commentary often featured in other AEDs/defibrillators that cater to laypersons and/or untrained responders. 

In short, the LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator sets the standard within the ALS market. The LIFEPAK 15 is from Physio-Control, features escalating therapy of up to 360 Joules, is capable of withstanding the harshest of environments and scenarios, and is filled with the finest in technology with no detail overlooked. Anyone looking to outfit their team with the finest equipment in their ALS program need to look no further than the LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator/monitor. 

LIFEPAK 15 | Additional Information + Documents
PDF iconLIFEPAK 15 Brochure
PDF iconLIFEPAK 15 Owner's Manual
PDF iconLIFEPAK 15 Set Up Instructions
PDF iconLIFEPAK 15 Battery Information + Instructions
PDF iconLIFEPAK 15 Checklist
PDF iconLIFEPAK 15 Warranty

Making a Difference | Commerce with Comfort

AEDs Today makes a donation from each and every sale to accredited nonprofits. For the Physio-Control LIFEPAK 15 defibrillator/monitor, your purchase includes the following donation to a worthwhile nonprofit: 

Yours and AEDs Today's Nonprofit Donation: $168.58

So feel good about your purchase. Together we're helping make the world a better, safer place. 
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