What is an AED and Why is it Important?

The Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is a lightweight device that can be used to treat sudden cardiac arrest. During sudden cardiac arrest, the heart rhythm becomes irregular and the heart may stop beating. AEDs check heart rhythm and can supply an electric shock through the chest to the heart, which may restore normal heartbeat. Without immediate restoration of heart rhythm, sudden cardiac arrest is likely to result in death. Every minute without a restored heart rhythm survival drops 10 percent and 90 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims do not survive. Fortunately, AEDs have become more widely available in the consumer market. However, with people's lives to consider, it is important to invest in a reliable AED from an experienced and trusted manufacturer. 

For over 50 years PhysioControl has been a leading innovator of defibrillator products. In accordance with its mission to extend lives, each PhysioControl AED features patented ADAPTIV biphasic waveform and escalating therapy technologies that increase the effectiveness and accuracy of the AED. With both the trained and untrained person in mind, PhysioControl developed the LIFEPAK line of AEDs which offer a simple design and easy to follow instruction, without compromising performance and reliability. 

LIFEPAK AED the Preference Among 90% of First Responders

LIFEPAK offers three AEDs: LIFEPAK CR Plus, LIFEPAK1000, and LIFEPAK Express. They are all lightweight (as low as 4.5 pounds), portable, battery-operated and simple to use. Audio voice commands clearly and calmly instruct the user through the rescue process from calling 911, administering CPR, placing the electrodes onto victim's chest, analyzing heart rhythm and prompting if a shock is needed. LIFEPAK AEDs also meet American Heart Association 2010 guidelines; all devices feature escalating therapy technology. Escalating therapy is the process of providing subsequently more powerful shocks, if needed. If the first shock at 200 Joules does not restore normal heart rhythm, the next output is more intense, up to 360 Joules. 

The LIFEPAK CR Plus is a versatile machine offering two different versions appropriate for either the trained or untrained responder. The semi-automatic device is preferred among trained personnel, because it gives the user more control of when to apply the shock. After the heart rhythm is analyzed, if a shock is needed it can be applied manually by pressing the button on the machine. The fully automatic version is a great option for use by untrained persons, because the user does not have to push a button to apply the shock, the LIFEPAK CR Plus does it automatically, minimizing any potential margin of error. Both the LIFEPAK1000 and LIFEPAK Express are made for the rugged outdoors with the LIFEPAK1000 being one of the most rugged AEDs on the market. Both can stand up to water and dust, which enables life-saving rescue in even the harshest conditions. 

Additionally, all LIFEPAK AEDs require minimal maintenance. They perform basic weekly self-checks and a comprehensive monthly diagnostic check. The CHARGE-PAK (battery) and the electrodes have the same expiration date, so replacements can be ordered and shipped together.

In short, LIFEPAK leads in the market of AEDs. No other AED offers advanced technology in a machine that is also simple to use and easy to maintain. Furthermore, since LIFEPAK has been made for use by both the trained and the untrained person, it would be a reliable and trusted AED to use in your community, workplace, or home.