AEDs are life-saving instruments that should be everywhere.  Here are some of the people whose lives were saved by an AED in September.

Allen County, Indiana – Jogger Alexander Nehls collapsed in the grass along the road where Gregory Thomas, another jogger, saw this and acted by performing CPR until an officer arrived with an AED.  Nehls survived due the two men’s actions. (Sep 28)

Falmouth, Massachusetts – A 58-year-old runner collapsed while jogging with his wife on Surf Drive. R. Charles Martinsen, the deputy director of the Falmouth Department of Marine and Environmental Services, came to his aid.  Using an AED just issued to him 24 hours prior the event, he was able to save the runner’s life. (Sep 7)

Perry Hall, Maryland – A 13-year-old boy in Perry Hall Middle School collapsed during gym class. Officer Sloane Fuller rushed to the scene and started chest compressions while another officer started mouth to mouth.  Shortly after, the school’s AED arrived at the scene which neither officer have ever used before. But because of the simplicity of the AED, they were able to use it and save the boy’s life. (Sep 25)

Baltimore, Maryland – TSA Officer Jonas Cohen rushed to the scene of a man having a heart attack.  Being a former US Coast Guard member, he knew how to help. He raced about 75 feet away to grab the AED. He and a fellow off-duty firefighter and female doctor all assisted the man.  They gave three shocks and the man’s heart rate came back. (Sep 25)

Canton, Massachusetts – Andy Buckle and Diane Sodaro of Canton High School saved the life of a student who had collapsed in the lunchroom. When they arrived at the scene, the student had no pulse.  They used an AED to give an electric shock to restart his heart. Following that, they started CPR until emergency personnel arrived at the scene. (Sep 17)

Seattle, Washington – Two ferry workers, Joe Grabicki and George Mack, saw that one car was not off loading onto Vashon Island.  They went to the car and saw a man slumped over his wheel.  Grabicki jumped right in with his CPR training and started compressions.  Mack grabbed an AED and oxygen equipment and were able to get the pulse back just as the firefighters boarded the ferry. (Sep 15)

Durham, North Carolina – When Professor George Grody slumped over in his seat, students thought he was sleeping but that changed when his face turned from red to white and that he wasn’t breathing. Just a few feet away, sat three students who volunteer with Duke Emergency Medical Services.  Kevin Labagnara, Kristen Bailey, and Kirsten Bonawitz rushed to the scene where they started chest compressions. A fourth member, Ratika Patil, who was close by was notified by a student. She radioed it in and went to help Baily retrieve the AED.  They rotated giving compressions while Bonawitz used a bag mask resuscitator to provide oxygen into Grody’s lungs.  Patil applied the AED pads and the AED recommended that a shock be issued.  After the third shock, they were able to get his pulse back. (Sep 7)

These are just a few heroic tales of how people with access to AEDs can save lives. If the time ever comes that you need one, hope there’s one near by. Your life depends on it.