Lives Saved By AEDs In December

AEDs are life-saving instruments that should be everywhere.  Here are some of the people whose lives were saved by an AED in December and the early days of January.

Tuscaloosa, AL - Amanda Travathan Cox , 17, collapsed at  school. She started feeling light headed and dizzy while seeing sunspots – she knew she was fainting. She had a congenital heart problem, a slight arrhythmia that caused her to go into ventricular fibrillation, which was an electrical malfunction of the heart that made her go into sudden cardiac arrest.  Principal Bob Lavett came running with the AED in hand and applied electrical shocks to get her heart beat going again. (Dec 17)
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Lives Saved By AEDs In September

AEDs are life-saving instruments that should be everywhere.  Here are some of the people whose lives were saved by an AED in September.

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Man Saves Woman's Life With AED, Gets Called A "Pervert"

As AED awareness becomes more prominent, it can sometimes be hard to remember that not everyone is up to speed. In fact, a recent article explains how a Japanese man was branded a “pervert” when using an AED on a woman who was in a car accident a few years ago.

Although his quick thinking and action saved the woman, this didn’t stop the driver from calling the authorities when the good samaritan cut open the shirt of the unconscious woman to apply the electrodes to her bare skin, as one should in order to use an AED properly.

This raises the question: Is the public as informed about AEDs as they should be?

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New Jersey Passes New CPR/AED Law

Students in New Jersey will soon get a new life-saving lesson added to their curriculum.

A New Jersey law passed on August 20th will require high school students to complete CPR and AED training.

The law was signed at the Burlington Township Middle School where a student recently collapsed and was successfully revived by the use of CPR and an AED. The law is put in place simply to increase the amount of people who are capable of saving the lives of others.
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AEDs In The News - August 19, 2014

At AEDs Today, we love sharing stories of lives being saved by AEDs or of communities coming together to donate a new AED.

This week, we decided that we couldn’t pick just one!

Wisconsin Rapids kickball tournament raises money for AEDs

Honestly, what could be better than spending a day playing sports and listening to live music with your friends?

How about raising money for AEDs for children at the same time?

That’s exactly what some folks from Wisconsin Rapids got to do just that this past weekend, when they took part in the second annual Kick Start Your Heart fundraiser.

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