This Week In AED Donation Stories

Here at AEDs Today, we always enjoy sharing a story of a life saved by an AED, or of communities coming together to bring AEDs to places where they previously weren't available. This week, we found a few different stories of generous donations of AEDs to some communities that really needed them. It does our hearts good to see these lifesaving devices being made available in more and more places all across the country!
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Off-Duty California Cop Saves Man At Gym With CPR, AED

All gyms should have an AED on hand to help ensure the safety and health of its members. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to have an off-duty trooper hanging around.

Seamus Leavy, a police trooper from Saratoga, Calif., was working out at a local gym when he saw a young man near him collapse.

Luckily, Leavy’s training had prepared him for such a life and death moment. Upon determining that the 23-year-old was unconscious and not breathing, Leavy began administering CPR.

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WNBA Star Shines On And Off The Court

It’s always a good thing to see athletes working to give back to their community, so when we saw this story, we just had to share.

In April 2013, Tina Charles, a 2-time NCAA basketball champion and former WNBA MVP, started the Hopey’s Heart Foundation in honor of her late aunt, Maureen “Hopey” Vaz.

Inspired by Maureen's generous heart, the foundation's goal is to purchase and distribute AEDs to schools all over the country.

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National CPR/AED Awareness Week - June 1-7

It’s no secret that we believe in spreading awareness of the importance of AEDs here at AEDs Today. This isn’t just our business. It’s something we believe in.

But AEDs aren’t the only things that are needed to save a person’s life if they are stricken with sudden cardiac arrest. Even when an AED is present, it’s still very important that CPR be performed.

That’s the driving force behind National CPR/AED Awareness Week, which runs from June 1-7.

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UNH Student Fights For AED In Sorority House

AEDs don’t just belong in gyms or near football fields. Cardiac arrest can happen at any time and any place, and there’s no reason to not be prepared.

It was that thought, along with her own personal tragedy, which inspired University of New Hampshire student and Alpha Xi Delta sister Andrea Karpinski to fight for the installation of an AED in her sorority house.

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