Deputies Save Officer with AED in Courthouse

Two Allegheny County Sheriff's Deputies saved a McKeesport Police Officer after falling into cardiac arrest in a local courthouse. Responding to the scene, Deputies Anthony Fratto and Scott McCarthy performed CPR on the 43-year-old sudden cardiac arrest sufferer. Another deputy brought an automated external defibrillator to Fratto and McCarthy, which revived the man's heart. The officer is currently in stable condition at UPMC Mercy.
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15-Year-Old Suffers SCA, Community Responds

After 15-year-old soccer star Milan Moosavizadeh suffered from sudden cardiac arrest on the field, the close-knit community came together to address a poor response time and lack of ready access to an AED. As the community made their own efforts, so too did Milan – with doctors predicting the worse and taking him off of life support, Milan fought back and is now at home under the care of his mother.
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New Jersey Teen Saved by AED

A New Jersey teenager is alive today due to the quick thinking of his gym teacher and two EMTs that arrived on the scene within minutes. A 15-year-old student fell into cardiac arrest while in line at his gym class in West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North. After the young student collapsed and fell into a seizure, the gym teacher quickly responded and began performing CPR once the victim's heart and breathing stopped.
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Two Officers Save a Life With an AED

Two police officers in Hibbing, Minnesota, recently saved the life of a local man after utilizing the AED their patrol car was outfitted with. The incident wasn't the first time the Hibbing Police Department had to use one of their four AEDs given by the City of Hibbing in 2004. In the last six years, Officer Tim Stauty alone has had to personally use the AEDs at least five or six times.
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Welsh Man Saved by AED

An 80-year-old man is alive today thanks to a well-placed AED and the quick response of the trained worker of the local shopping centre where the incident took place. The victim stopped breathing and collapsed outside of a vineyard shop in Haverfordwest, Wales, suffering from sudden cardiac arrest. With the save, Welsh officials and rescue personnel are taking the incident to express the importance of AED placement and training.
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