12-Year-Old Saved by Father on the Field

An amazing story took place recently in Ham Lake, Minnesota. While playing soccer on a field outside an Andover middle school, 12-year-old Tucker Manske collapsed on the field as he fell into cardiac arrest. The first responder on the scene and Manske's rescuer – his very own father.
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Athletic Director Saved by AED

The Athletic Director in Wilbur, Washington, has received a new lease on life after effective AED placement and quick friends came to his rescue. Suffering from sudden cardiac arrest before a volleyball game, the 47-year-old actually was the person that took part in purchasing the AED for the school that would later save his very life.
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Police Officer Saves Life with AED

A police officer from Andover, Massachusetts, used an automated external defibrillator, or AED, to save the life of a worker at a River Street firm. Officer Glen Ota responded to the emergency call, providing CPR on the 59-year-old sufferer of sudden cardiac arrest as the man's employees prepared the company's AED. Through their combined efforts and the use of the AED, yet another life is saved.
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Utah Teen Saves Life with AED

Even though school has been in session less than a month, Melissa Squire and Brooke Ballantyne had already received high scores in their CPR and first aid class. When their teacher suddenly fell into serious need and help was required, the two quickly put that knowledge to good use.
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Employee Suffers SCA at School

An AED saves another life at a public school.

At 9:29 AM, emergency crews were summoned to Surry Central High School in Dobson, North Carolina. The situation: the school's custodian had entered sudden cardiac arrest. As the situation was dire and time is of the essence, the school's own emergency response team administered CPR before using the school's AED.

The response team's actions may very well have saved a life. 
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