A 65-year-old man was saved by a LIFEPAK CR Plus AED after suffering sudden cardiac arrest while working out at the Rice University Track and Field Stadium.

Jon Warren, head coach for Rice University's Men's Track and Field, noticed the man collapse and immediately called medical professionals at 911. He then located one of Rice University's 30 LIFEPAK CR Plus AEDs, which he used to restore the man's heart rhythm. The man was then transported to the hospital by ambulance and survived.

"He was lucky," said Rice University EMS Director Lisa Basgall. "All the pieces in the chain of survival fell into place."

A warm congratulations to hero Jon Warren for his quick thinking and heroic call to action that saved the life of a stranger.

To read more about the story and/or if you are a Rice University student or faculty member that would like to learn CPR and how to use an AED, please click here.