A man is alive today due to the ready access of an automated external defibrillator and the quick thinking of three men. The Mayor of West Kelowna told the City's Council that on October 6th at the Royal LePage Place hockey rink an unidentified man collapsed in the dressing room during a recreational hockey game. Dave Stewart, an employee of the facility, came to the rescue and saved the man.

Stewart had recently taken a course in AED training. As he performed CPR and restored the man's heart rhythm, two of the man's teammates also assisted Stewart in the rescue.

"When the ambulance arrived, paramedics took over," said Mayor Doug Findlater. "District staff have since been told that using the AED...saved the man's life."

Congratulations to Dave Stewart for his heroic act. We wish the man who suffered from sudden cardiac arrest the quickest of recoveries.

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