Vince Brown, Site Operations Leader at Owens Corning Science and Technology Center, doesn't think of saving the life of a fellow co-worker as an act of heroism. Instead, Brown says, he was simply responding to an emergency situation and providing the necessary actions to save a life. Either way, survivor Dr. Quinn "feels pretty lucky Vince Brown was there when I needed him."

Dr. Robert Quinn went into cardiac arrest while at his office at the Owens Corning Science and Technology Center. Vince Brown was working as usual at his desk that morning of October 13th. When a co-worker rushed over to Brown to say that Quinn was slumped over his desk and unresponsive, Brown rushed to the scene.

When Brown arrived, Quinn, 56, was not breathing and had no pulse. Brown quickly initiated chest compressions and CPR, and with the help of a co-worker, the site's AED was quickly brought to the scene. Brown used the AED to shock Dr. Quinn's heart, which quickly revived. When paramedics arrived on the scene, they found Quinn breathing and with a pulse. After they supplied him with oxygen, Dr. Quinn regained consciousness entirely.

Dr. Quinn was then rushed to Licking Memorial Hospital, where he spent the night. He was released the next day after a defibrillator/pacemaker was surgically inserted. "I feel great," Quinn said. "I pretty well believe in luck. I feel lucky Vince Brown was there when I needed him."

As for Brown, he's taking the humble approach to his lifesaving actions. "It's not something I can relate to regarding anything else I've done," he said. "The first week after it happened, it was as though I wasn't there. As for being a hero, it's not something I can relate to."

We congratulate Vince Brown for his heroism and wish Dr. Quinn the speediest of recoveries (which is sounds like he's already undertaken). We also need to congratulate Owens Corning for their progressive approach on the situation – they've organized three CPR classes for their employees, which 50 employees have already signed up for.

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