We've shared plenty of stories of people whose lives were saved with AEDs, but this time we have something even better.

A video of someone's life being saved by an AED.

The "someone" in this case is Tony Gilliard, a South Carolina man who was playing a game of basketball with some friends when he had about as close of a call as you can have.

As you can see in the video, the attack comes with little warning. One minute he's up on his feet, and the next he's lying on his back.

Luckily, Gilliard was in good hands.

One of the people he was playing with just happened to be a first responder, and knew exactly what to do. He grabbed a nearby AED and began administering CPR.

Minutes later, Gilliard was conscious again, shaken up but otherwise okay.

It's one thing to hear about AEDs in action. It's quite another to see it.