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Home > New York State Dental Law FAQs

New York State Dental Law FAQs

New York State Dental AED Law: Frequently Asked Questions
With the new law requiring dentists in New York State to own and maintain an AED within their dental practice, a lot of questions are being asked. In order to best accommodate our New York dental customers, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help ensure everyone is fully compliant with the upcoming New York State Dental AED law.
Q: What exactly does the New York State law require?
A: The S2923 Bill in New York State requires that each and every dental office in New York State have and properly maintain an AED (or automated external defibrillator). 

Q: When does the New York State Dental AED Law (S2923) go into effect?
A: The New York State Dental AED law goes into effect January 1st, 2012. 

Q: Are there any exceptions to the new dental AED law?
A: No. All dental offices will be required by law to feature an AED, regardless of size of one's practice. 

Q: What happens if I do not get an AED before January 1st, 2012? 
A: Any dentist or dental office that fails to comply with the New York State Dental AED requirement will be subject to professional disciplinary action held against their dental license by the New York State Education Department's Office of Professional Discipline. 

Q: Is there a special type of AED that is required by the law?
A: Any AED approved by the FDA fulfills the requirement of the new law. At AEDs Today, all of the AEDs that are featured are fully compliant and feature FDA approval. 

Q: What AED do you recommend I get for my dental office? 
A: We recommend two different options for New York dentists. If a dental office is looking to be fully complaint with the new law and keep costs down to a minimum, we recommend any one of our refurbished AEDs. These AEDs are fully operational and usually in perfect or near-perfect condition for about half the cost of a regular AED. Every refurbished AED comes with a 1-year warranty, with an optional 5-year upgrade for only $249. 

For dental practices that want to ensure they're providing their patients with the finest AED, we recommend the LIFEPAK CR Plus. The LIFEPAK CR Plus comes with an 8-year warranty, features escalating therapy (meaning that if the first shock doesn't work, the therapy delivered increases up to 360 Joules), has the lowest lifetime maintenance cost, is incredibly easy to maintain, etc. 

If a dental office is looking for a less expensive AED, the Philips HeartStart OnSite is also a great option. Although the lifetime maintenance costs exceed the LIFEPAK CR Plus (this is due to expiring batteries and electrode pads), the immediate cost of the AED is about $500 less upfront. 

New York State Dental AED Packages have been created featuring the LIFEPAK CR Plus, Philips OnSite, and other AEDs from what we consider the two best AED manufacturers today. These New York State Dental AED Packages include all of the needed accessories for a complete AED program. You can find them here

Q: Are there any tax credits available for the new AED requirement?
A: Yes! Luckily there is a tax credit available under Section 606(s) of the New York State Tax Law that helps offset the cost by $500. Section 606(s) provides a tax credit that is equal to the lesser of $500 or the actual purchase price of the AED. 

For all of our New York State dental offices, we ship the required document for the $500 credit with the AED. Should you have any questions with the document, please feel free to call us. You can also find the document here
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