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Physio-Control LIFEPAK

Recertified LIFEPAK AEDs
Recertified LIFEPAK AEDs
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With over 40 years of being an industry leader and pioneer in the medical technologies industry, Medtronic Physio-Control has forever stayed true to its original mission: to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend the lives of people worldwide. Altogether saving lives of thousands of people all over the globe and with over 38,000 employees backing their honorable efforts, Medtronic Physio-Control has stayed on the forefront since its inception and continues to be an industry leader.

As a result, the Medtronic Physio-Control LIFEPAK® line of AEDs is often our most popular among buyers, both within the civilian and professional markets. The advantages of purchasing a Medtronic Physio-Control defibrillator are numerous and any Medtronic Physio-Control AED is one that you can rest assured is a fantastic and reliable AED that provides you with the right features needed to address sudden cardiac arrest. With Medtronic Physio-Control, you have no need to second-guess. You’re receiving the best of the best with a LIFEPAK AED. 

To list some of the key advantages, Medtronic Physio-Control is here to stay – with smaller and newer companies, there is always the risk of one closing their doors, in turn making your AED now non-FDA compliant and the need for a defibrillator once again a matter to concern. Not only would this create a time-consuming issue of utmost importance, it also creates an issue that could be incredibly expensive. This has happened before.

Another advantage that makes Medtronic Physio-Control the preferred choice among healthcare and rescue professionals: its 360-Joule therapy (the industry standard is around 150). Often a contention of debate, the FDA has recently created a study of the most effective recitation therapy, in particular examining the success found with administering 360 Joules. As many healthcare professionals will attest, 360 joules is their preferred therapy when addressing victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

In short, we're infatuated with Medtronic Physio-Control and recommend their LIFEPAK AED line with our strongest recommendation possible. You’re purchasing from a company that has over a 35% share of the defibrillator market, is the manufacturer most often preferred by rescue professionals (call your local fire department and our bet is that they’re using a LIFEPAK), and one that makes devices with all of the features you’ve come to expect from a next-generation AED.
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