Big shout out today to Kelly Walton, a school nurse in South Carolina who used an AED to save the life of a fellow employee.

Sammy Moorman, a cafeteria worker at Foster Park Elementary School, was outside breaking down cardboard boxes and singing a song on the morning of March 24. After a while, his co-workers realized that the singing had stopped.

When they went outside to check on him, they found Moorman lying unconscious, collapsed on top of the boxes he had been working on.

That’s when Walton sprang into action.

As part of the school’s emergency procedure, Walton began performing CPR. When Moorman remained unresponsive, she grabbed the school’s AED.

Thanks to Walton’s actions and the grant that allowed the school to install the AED, Moorman’s heartbeat was returned to normal and he was transported to a local hospital.

Needless to say, Moorman expressed deep gratitude towards Walton and the entire staff at Foster Park, whose alertness and quick thinking helped save his life.

It all just goes to show that AEDs save lives, and that elementary school nurses can do a whole lot more than just put on Band-Aids.

Great job, Kelly!