A high school play of 'Jabberwock' was interrupted when an emergency presented itself before a full house. As the stage was live with the performance, Rachel Flaming, the play's Stage Manager, came on set to clear the actors and bring the lights up, announcing that an emergency was at hand and that help was needed. Nurse Robin Getz ran to the school's gymnasium to retrieve the school's AED, which she then used to revive the patient's heart rhythm.

"Who knew the first time [the AED] would be used to save a life would be in an auditorium during a play on a friend of a parent," said Covington High School Principal Deborah McCollum. The paramedics and the hospital that provided further treatment on the patient stated that the use of the AED and the quick thinking and teamwork of all involved saved the person's life.

"It was never rehearsed," said McCollum. "But through their heroic actions, and working together, they saved a life. It's a wonderful thing."

Everyone here at AEDs Today congratulates Rachel Flaming and Robin Getz of St. Tammany, Florida. Your heroic actions have provided a new lease on life for another.

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