Although most people assume that those who are overweight are the only ones at risk for heart disease, there are a number of other factors that can cause the condition to develop with time.

Although heart disease can be a threat to your health, there are a number of different ways to reduce your risk and gradually improve your health.

By making simple changes to your lifestyle and breaking unhealthy habits, it's possible to protect your heart and increase your lifespan.

A Poor Diet

A diet that contains high levels of trans fat and cholesterol will have a direct impact on the heart.

You can lower your risk of the disease by increasing your consumption of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats while also limiting your sugar intake.

You can also choose to snack on nuts, legumes, and whole grains throughout the day for plenty of nutrients that will strengthen your heart.


Smoking is one of the primary factors that can increase your risk of heart disease and harm your cardiovascular health.

Those who smoke consistently or are exposed to secondhand smoke increase their risk of heart disease by 40 percent due to blood clots that can develop, which will block the blood flow to the heart and cause plaque to build up in the arteries.

Forgetting to Floss

You may be great at brushing your teeth two to three times a day, but forgetting to floss will not only affect your gums, but will also have a direct impact on your heart.

There is a strong link between flossing and heart disease due to bacteria that can develop from plaque that is not removed each day.

Flossing consistently will work to improve blood vessel function for a healthier heart that is not at risk of heart disease.

A Lack of Exercise

There may not seem to be any harm in practicing a sedentary lifestyle, but a lack of exercise throughout the week can cause heart disease to develop due to a lack of blood that is pumped in the body.

This will place more strain on the heart while also limiting the flexibility of the arteries.

Drinking Alcohol

Although various studies prove that alcohol can benefit your heart when consumed in small quantities during the week, those who consume more than one drink each day put themselves at risk for heart disease.

Alcohol is prone to increase blood pressure levels and even cause weight gain due to the calories.

Watching TV

It may seem innocent enough to spend a few hours in front of the television each night after a long day at work, but the habit can wreak havoc on your health by affecting blood levels of fats and sugars.

Even if you make it a point to exercise during the day, sitting for extended periods of time will still directly impact your heart and can also lead to a stroke.