AEDs Today has some exciting news – we'll soon be featuring all of the laws and codes pertaining to AEDs and defibrillators in each individual state as part of our new Resources center.

While there are some federal regulations pertaining to AEDs and defibrillators here in the United States, as well as certain requirements that each individual AED manufacturer requires of owners, each individual state has laws of its own concerning AEDs. Learning these laws and codes is crucial for anyone in charge of either creating an AED program and/or providing support for an existing AED program. 

These laws can differ greatly from state to state. As an effort to provide the finest information pertaining to AEDs and defibrillators, we've decided to compile the laws for each individual state. 

For example, the state of California is notoriously strict, requiring every AED program to have medical oversight and direction, i.e., a licensed physician to oversee the program (we have a service that provides this in an easy and affordable manner, called our AED Concierge Service). Some states are rather lax about their requirements, but there are also a number of states with requirements similar to that of California (e.g., Texas, Montana, and others). 

In addition to requiring medical oversight, other laws often concern notifying the local authorities of AED ownership, maintaining month records of maintenance, including a spare electrode and/or battery, and more. 

We'll be rolling out the AED and defibrillator laws state by state throughout the weeks ahead, and encourage you to check back to see when your state might be featured (we'll be sure to post a quick blurb about such on our blog, as well). If you happen to be in immediate need, simply give us a call and we'll let you know what is required in your state. 

We're excited to be offering this information in the coming months, and believe it will provide our customers and others with the necessary tools to both save a life and to make sure their AED program is free of any issues concerning liability.