15-year-old Katelyn Crowley is now considered a hero by more than one person. While running up a hill with three of her classmates, her friend Johnny Ostrand fell to the ground. Initially thinking the scenario was only a joke, when Katelyn saw Johnny's lips were blue and that he wasn't breathing, she knew this was serious and that she had to act fast.

"We were building a fort for art class. We decided it would be fun, so we started to run up a hill," said Crowley. As Katelyn ran up the hill with Taylor, Connor and Johnny, her three friends, Johnny fell over. Initially, the group thought Johnny was merely playing a prank. It wasn't.

"Taylor flipped him over and he was blue. His lips were blue. You could tell he wasn't breathing," said Crowley. "You could clearly see he needed oxygen, so I started CPR on him, Connor ran back to the school and Taylor called 911," continued Crowley.

Katelyn performed CPR until paramedics arrived, utilizing skills she learned - and thought she had forgotten - several years ago in a CPR class. "I always thought, this is useless and I forgot it three days after," said Crowley. Luckily for Johnny, Katelyn was wrong.

"It just came back to me. When you need something like that, you don't think about it. You do it," says Crowley.

Johnny Ostrand is doing well and is being fitted for a defibrillator to be implanted in the near future.

Although incredibly humble of her save, AEDs Today needs to give a shout out to Katelyn Crowley – you're a hero in the eyes of many, including all of us at AEDs Today.

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