An automatic external defibrillator, or AED, is a device that has saved countless lives. It works by checking a person's heart rhythm and shocking the heart back to normal rhythm if necessary. Studies have shown that early use of an AED can increase a person's chance of surviving cardiac arrest.

There are a number of places that should have AEDs. Below is a list of five of the most important places that should have AEDs:

High Rise Buildings

The floor you live on could have a negative or positive effect on your chances of surviving cardiac arrest. A study that was done by the Canadian Medical Association showed that people had the greatest chance of surviving cardiac arrest if they lived on floors one through three. However, a person's chance of surviving cardiac arrest goes down drastically if he or she lives on the 16th floor or above.

It takes paramedics longer to reach patients who live above the third floor. The good news is that the use of an AED has been shown to increase the survival rate in people who live above the third floor.

The Workplaces

Many adults spend eight to 12 hours per day at the workplace. Every year, 10,000 people go into cardiac arrest while they are at work. People in the workplace are often trained to do CPR. CPR can keep a person alive until he or she is able to get professional medical treatment. However, a person's chance of survival is greatest if an AED is used along with CPR.


When many people think about sudden cardiac arrest, they think about older people. Sudden cardiac arrest is much more common in older people. However, it is important to note that anyone can go into cardiac arrest regardless of their age. In fact, a recent report has shown that the number of young people dying from sudden cardiac arrest is on the rise. That is why it is important to have AEDs in schools.

Sporting Events

Sports are fun to play and watch. However, tragedy often strikes during a game. There have been countless stories of athletes going into cardiac arrest while they were playing a game. Additionally, there have also been many reports of athletes' lives being saved because someone used an AED. Having an AED at a sporting event will not only help save athletes'lives, but it can also save the lives of people who are watching in the stands.

Fitness Centers

People who go to fitness centers regularly are typically in good health. People who are fit are much less likely to go into cardiac arrest than those who do not exercise. However, there have been many cases reported of fit people going into cardiac arrest. 

It is recommended that people receive clearance from a physician before they work out. However, many people do not do this. That is why heart conditions often go undetected. A preexisting heart condition can increase the risk of cardiac arrest. This is why all fitness centers should have an AED.