The Importance Of Having AEDs In College Housing

More colleges are choosing to put AEDs in their housing. In fact, many places require that college dormitories have AEDs. There are many ways that colleges can benefit from putting AEDs in their housing. Below is a list of reasons that every college dormitory should have an AED:
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Why aren't AEDs utilized more often?

The Automatic External Defibrillator, or AED, is a small, portable machine that can quickly analyze the condition of the heart and deliver a quick shock to re-start a heartbeat in people who have experienced a sudden collapse. They were designed to be easy to use, even for average people.

These devices are known to save lives, but many people are unfamiliar with the technology or otherwise have fears about using it in emergency situations.

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This Week In AED Donation Stories

Here at AEDs Today, we always enjoy sharing a story of a life saved by an AED, or of communities coming together to bring AEDs to places where they previously weren't available. This week, we found a few different stories of generous donations of AEDs to some communities that really needed them. It does our hearts good to see these lifesaving devices being made available in more and more places all across the country!
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California Supreme Court Rules Target Not Required To Have AED On-Site

Last week, the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of Target after a family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the retail giant, alleging that their failure to have an AED on the premises was in violation of state law. 

Mary Ann Verdugo, 49, was shopping at a Target store in Pico Rivera, CA when she suffered a sudden heart attack. Though paramedics were called, they were unable to revive Verdugo upon their arrival. 

 Had an AED been available, there would still have been no guarantee that Verdugo would have survived. 

 But one thing’s for sure. She would have had a MUCH better chance than the one she actually had.
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National CPR/AED Awareness Week - June 1-7

It’s no secret that we believe in spreading awareness of the importance of AEDs here at AEDs Today. This isn’t just our business. It’s something we believe in.

But AEDs aren’t the only things that are needed to save a person’s life if they are stricken with sudden cardiac arrest. Even when an AED is present, it’s still very important that CPR be performed.

That’s the driving force behind National CPR/AED Awareness Week, which runs from June 1-7.

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