Hiking is a very good way to stay in shape, but man people think hiking is reserved only for those who live in picturesque mountain passes. 

Hiking is not an activity limited to those who have a good view out their window every morning, and you must go in search of a good hike that will enliven you, keep you in shape and give you a breath of fresh air. 

This article explores the places hiking will take you that you cannot find elsewhere.

Hiking Is Beautiful

You may need to travel outside the city to find a good hike, but every hike you take is a lovely stroll through nature. 

Nature is beautiful in every respect, and there are many things to see once you get on the trails. 

Trails will take you near wildlife that you may never see, offer you encounters with flowers that are more beautiful than anything in a garden and give you a sense of peace that is not found in the city.

Hiking Is Everywhere

You may not be aware of good hiking spots near your home, but there are lovely trails everywhere. Modern cities work very hard to create natural areas where residents can mingle with nature. 

You may live very close to the center of a large city, but there is likely a path that passes through a forest in the area. 

These trails have been specially designed by park managers for your enjoyment, and you need not drive far away to find what you seek.

Anyone who lives near a national or state park is very close to a series of hiking trails that have been cataloged by the National Park Service. 

These trails are rated for their difficulty, their length is marked on National Parks maps and you will be in an area that is patrolled by law enforcement. These trails will help you meet other people who love hiking, and the more daring trails will take you into areas where camping is encouraged.

Anyone who lives in the great outdoors may find a trail near their home without any problem. There are many trails left over from the days of the frontiersmen that are still evident if you look closely. Consider searching for a new trail around your home.

Hiking Is Difficult

Hiking will take you up and down trails that can be quite steep. 

The sheer distance you can cover in a few hours is staggering, and you will be wiped out by the time you get home. 

You are not pushing your body to the limit, but you are working every muscle in your body as you try to make your way down the trail and back again.

Hiking may seem like a simple activity, but it is far from easy. You may find paths near your home that are beautiful in every respect. 

There are trails designed by cities, and there are national parks for you to linger in. Every new hike lets you commune with nature while you get in shape.