Some hospitals employ fundraisers to raise funds as their primary job function. These professionals must utilize various techniques in order to maximize donations for hospital projects. One of the projects that often call for fundraising is the purchase of expensive hospital equipment like AEDs. Here are a few fundraising tips for the purchase of an AED.

This type of fundraising requires volunteers or representatives to knock on people’s doors and ask them to make their contributions. Some hospitals print out flyers or brochures for the representatives to give out to people. 

Alternatively, rather than ask for donations, the representatives can sell items or raffle tickets on behalf of the hospital. It is important to know that door-to-door fundraising may raise safety and security concerns, especially if the volunteers are minors. 

Like door-to-door fundraising, street fundraising may involve standing in a public area and asking passers-by for donations. Representatives usually wear t-shirts or hold up banners imprinted with the hospital's logo or fundraising message to draw attention. While some hospitals find this technique useful, many people often find this type of fundraising invasive.

Hospitals often plan various types of events to raise funds for their causes. Stylish fundraisers include dinners or banquets where guests wear formal outfits and eat gourmet meals. Short speeches and light entertainment are usually included in such events. Engaging fundraising ideas include bingo nights, charity carnivals, or dog shows. 

Some hospitals plan annual raffles to raise cash for an AED purchase. In many cases, folks or businesses are asked to donate prizes for the raffle to lower fundraising expenses. As an incentive to sell tickets, volunteers are often given gifts or free entry tickets for selling raffle tickets to others. To make the fundraising more interesting and draw more people, announce the fundraising raffle winners at the end of the event. 

Create a fundraising website to increase the possibility of raising funds from people all over the world. Unlike other types of fundraising, which are usually limited to local residents or previous contacts, websites can be accessed by a global audience. The website should include information about the purpose of the fundraising, reasons for supporting the cause and multimedia presentations of the hospital in action. 

Fundraising websites enable users to make their donations online by entering their credit card information and donating directly. Hospitals can also set up simpler fundraising websites that list the hospital’s contact details including email addresses, phone numbers, and postal address to enable visitors to send donations offline.

Sell Homemade Goods
A bake sale is one simple way of raising funds for the purchase of an AED. Decide the location for the sale; you may need to get authorization from relevant authorities to do your fundraising in certain public locations. Set up a table on the fundraising location then sell homemade desserts or other types of foods to people. The hospital keeps all of the money made. 

An alternative is to have a craft sale. Ask volunteers to design items of art and craft to sell. This will not only help the hospital to raise money for the purchase of the AED but it will also help local artisans to showcase their talents.