Two police officers in Hibbing, Minnesota, recently saved the life of a local man after utilizing the AED their patrol car was outfitted with. The newest member of the Hibbing Police Department, Shane Werneke, had the opportunity to use his CPR and AED training he underwent just one week prior.

"About a week before we got this call I was in the class learning how to use the AED and learning how to do CPR, so to be able to turn around and use those skills in a real-life situation and have it work is an interesting experience," said Werneke.

"We were the first ones on scene and we took our defibrillator out of our squad car and responded into the location where we observed a male down on the ground and someone performing CPR on that male," said Officer Tim Stauty, the other responding officer.

The incident wasn't the first time the Hibbing Police Department had to use one of the four AEDs they were given by the City of Hibbing in 2004. In the last six years, Officer Stauty has had to personally use the AEDs at least five or six times.

The victim rescued by the two officers, who is currently recovering in a Twin Cities Hospital, did not want to be identified at the time of the story. However, he did want to take the opportunity to thank Werneke and Officer Stauty for their quick response and express his gratitude for their life-saving actions.

From all of us at AEDs Today, congratulations to Shane Werneke and Officer Tim Stauty for their bravery and recent save. And, as always, the speediest of recoveries for the man with the new lease on life.

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