Even though school has been in session less than a month, Melissa Squire and Brooke Ballantyne have received high scores in their CPR and first aid class. When their teacher suddenly fell into serious need and help was required, the two quickly put their knowledge to good use.

"We didn't know it was that big of an emergency," said Ballantyne.

When the two girls arrived on the scene, a seventh-grade student wasn't breathing and the Physical Education teacher had started CPR.

"We hooked her up to the bulb valve mask and we forced oxygen into her, and we started doing compressions on her," said Squire.

Their first aid teacher then told them to get the school's defibrillator. From their class, the two knew exactly where the AED, or automated external defibrillator, was kept.

"This defibrillator told us a shock was needed," said Ballantyne.

Melissa and Brooke used the AED to administer therapy with great success – within minutes the girl suddenly started to breath again. When paramedics arrived, they took her to the hospital.

Our hats go off to these two young heroes. Your parents, your school, your community and, most of all, the life you saved, are all grateful.

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