When you think of firing up the grill, usually it brings to mind thoughts of burgers, steaks, brats or a variety of other meats.

But there are plenty of other foods that are delicious right off a piping hot grill! Consider adding some of these to your repertoire. 

Tasty Mixed Fruit Kebabs or Grilled Autumn Apples

You are probably accustomed to making kebabs with small pieces of meat on a skewer, but next time, use chunks of fruit instead. 

Choose whole strawberries and large grapes along with pieces of pineapple and melon for a colorful breakfast or dessert. 

As autumn approaches, buy inexpensive bags of apples to core and slice to grill over hot coals, wood or propane gas. This is a good time to learn how to make flavorful glazes from brown sugar and spices to sprinkle on top of the apples. 

Grilled Whole Grain Bread or Corn Bread

Preparing breads on a grill is easy because you can buy ready-made products at the grocery store and add flavorings. Great breads to choose are brands that are dense such as the ones made with whole grains. 

If you choose loaves of bread instead of sliced varieties, then you can create thicker slices that grill better. You can use a pastry brush to add plain olive oil to the bread slices before sprinkling with sea salt, basil or grated cheese. 

You can also mix a corn bread recipe to pour into a cast-iron skillet to place on top of a grill.

Sweet Potatoes and Foil Pocket Vegetables

Vegetables are plentiful in the summer from your own garden or a farmers’ market. Make sure to cook a lot of different types of vegetables on a grill to get essential nutrients. 

In addition to using wooden or metal skewers to make kebobs with chopped vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and green pepper chunks, use foil pockets to cook dense vegetables such as onions and potatoes. 

Instead of cooking traditional white potatoes, buy sweet potatoes to cut in half to place directly on an oiled grill top. 

Grilled Pasta Dishes

The secret to cooking pasta dishes on a grill is beginning inside your kitchen by boiling the pasta until it is half done. 

As soon as the pasta is partially cooked, remove it from the boiling water into a cast-iron skillet. When you are near the grill, place the cast-iron skillet filled with pasta on the top to begin adding other ingredients such as fresh chopped vegetables, sauce or grated cheese. 

To make sure the pasta has a great charcoal or wood cooked flavor, cook the sauce and vegetables on the grill before adding these ingredients to the pasta. 

Grilled Cake with Hot Glazed Fresh Peaches

You should never have a barbecue without offering a dessert, and you can surprise family and friends by preparing a cake on the grill. 

Use your favorite from scratch recipe or use a packaged mix to prepare a white or yellow cake. Pour this mixture into a pan that is designed for grilling. As the cake is baking, slice fresh peaches to cook in a cast-iron skillet with a glaze of sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg. 

Top each slice of cake with hot glazed peaches and a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a delectable dessert.