For those who are looking to change up their exercise routine, swimming is an ideal option that offers a number of health benefits when you want to stay active. 

Instead of spending hours on the elliptical machine or trying to run a few miles each day to stay healthy, swimming makes for an ideal cardio workout for all ages. 

When you're considering taking a dip in the water, there are a few reasons to enjoy the activity and practice the sport.

Increases the Heart Rate

Swimming is an effective way of increasing the heart rate by performing several laps with the aerobic exercise. This strengthens the heart and allows it to pump more efficiently while increasing its overall size. 

This works to increase the blood flow throughout the body and prevents blood clots that can develop. By increasing your heart rate, you can also increase your lifespan.

Ideal for Those with Limited Mobility

For those who are extremely overweight, it can be both difficult and painful to try jogging or performing different aerobic activities. Swimming makes it easier to have more mobility with shallow-water activities. 

You can also exercise in the deep end of the pool to shield your joints. Consider using a kickboard to practice frog kicks or treading water to burn fat while in the water. 

A Fun Summer Activity

Not only is swimming an enjoyable way to exercise, but it's also a great summer activity that allows you to cool off from heat waves. 

You can easily burn extra calories by playing a game of Marco Polo or competing against other people in the pool while performing a few laps.

One of the main drawbacks of working out is becoming hot and sweaty while exercising in the gym or outdoors. 

With swimming, it's easier to stay cool in the water and feel more comfortable instead of throwing in the towel earlier on in the workout due to discomfort. You'll also feel more clean heading home instead of having to sit in sweat-drenched clothes that smell.

Builds Muscle

For exercise-enthusiasts who want to become more chiseled and toned without having to lift weights, swimming makes for an ideal way to build muscle to look fit. 

The activity works almost every muscle in the body by having to move in water, which is considerably more dense than air. 

It makes for several resistance exercises that quickly burn fat in a shorter period of time than fitness that is performed outside of the water. 

Reduce Asthma Symptoms

Medical professional suggest that those who are diagnosed with asthma should stay active to reduce the effects of the condition. Swimming prevents asthma attacks by offering moist air to breathe in while working out and the chance to strengthen your lungs with the mobility. 

Those who swim often experience more lung capacity by delivering more oxygen throughout the body. High-intensity intervals will also help to strengthen the lungs and make it easier to avoid wheezing or snoring that is experienced.