A 55-year-old woman was saved by officers on their dinner break at a Pensacola, Florida, restaurant. Helen Clark collapsed while at dinner at Smokey's Real Pit Bar-B-Que, where, luckily, Escambia County deputies and Florida Highway Patrol Troopers were also dining.

Escambia County deputies Jason Comans and Ryan Robinson were dining with Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Josh Tucker and Corporal Michael Tucker while on their dinner break. When Clark passed out and fell to the floor, the officers rushed to her aide and are responsible for one of the quickest and most impressive saves we've seen.

Comans and Tucker performed CPR as Robinson rushed to his patrol vehicle for his AED. After using the AED, Clark's heart was revived and her heart's rhythm restored. By the time paramedics arrived on the scene, Clark was breathing on her own and able to personally thank the officers before being taken to Sacred Heart Hospital.

As this story shows, AED access is crucial for saving lives. Without the AED in Robinson's patrol vehicle, it's hard to say how the event may have unfolded. Well-traveled and frequented places should have AEDs readily available for emergency situations, and restaurants - as the story of Helen Clark and the officers responsible for saving her life show - are among locations that should be properly outfitted with these lifesaving devices.
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