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Zoll AED Pro
Zoll AED Pro

Zoll AED Pro

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Choose Battery Type
Lithium Battery
Rechargeable Battery
Smart Battery [+$50.00]
Choose Zoll AED Pro Configuration
Semi-Auto/(2) Stat-Padz II
Semi-Auto(1) CPR-D Padz
Semi-Auto + Manual/(2) Stat-Padz II [+$100.00]
Semi-Auto + Manual/(1) CPR-D Padz ( [+$100.00]
Medical Oversight w/AED Concierge Service help
Yes [+$249.00]
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Zoll AED Pro:

  • Zoll AED Pro with standard 5-Year Warranty
  • One Zoll CPR-D Padz or two pairs of Zoll Stat Padz II (adult electrodes)
  • Smart, Non-Rechargeable, or Rechargeable Battery
  • Data Review Software
  • Owner's Manual, Guide, and Documentation CD
  • Rugged Soft Carrying Case
  • Free First Responder's CPR Kit
  • Free AED-Equipped Window Decals
  • Free Physician's Prescription
  • Free UPS Ground Shipping

ZOLL AED Pro | Review

The Zoll AED Pro effortlessly combines ruggedness with both simplicity and ease-of-use, covering all required bases and more in an effort to provide rescuers with peace of mind. Designed specifically for first responders, this is an incredibly rugged AED that can withstand rescue scenarios in the most demanding environments and situations. 

SCA AEDsThe Zoll AED Pro is one of the most rugged and resilient automated external defibrillators on the market and one of few devices to receive an IP55 rating (meaning the device is resistant to dust and direct water spray). The casing is made of Polycarbonate Siloxane (the same material football helmets are made of) and has an additional overmold of Thermo Plastic Urethane. With its solid construction, it will perform time after time in the harshest of conditions. 

Other features include both a semi-automatic and a semi-automatic with manual override version, enabling responders to deliver treatment on demand based off of your own observation (should you so choose). The Zoll AED Pro also features a high-resolution LCD display for Lead II monitoring, displaying your patient's vitals, such as their ECG waveform, heart rate, shocks delivered and even the CPR compression depth. These features are for professionals with years of experience, yet can also be appreciated by any responder. 

Ease-of-use and usability continue after the rescue, as well. The Zoll AED Pro enables you to download patient and rescue data in minutes with their RescueNet software and transfer data via a simple USB flash drive. You'll likely want data after performing a rescue, and having this process simplified is always appreciated. 

As for features that anyone can appreciate, let's begin with Zoll's coveted one-piece CPR-D padz. Rather than the usual 2-piece style that most AEDs feature, the Zoll AED Pro features one simple pad that frees time during a rescue scenario. Prefer the 2-piece pad you've familiarized yourself with over the years? No worries,  this AED is fully compatible for both two-piece and one-piece electrodes (for the two-piece option, you'll want to select the Zoll Stat Padz II from the options above when customizing). 

Choice also reigns with battery options as well. The Zoll AED Pro can run off of both Zoll's standard SLA battery backs or rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs, providing longer run times and greater capacity. 

In summation, the Zoll AED Pro is an amazing life-saving device that has nearly any and every rescue professional and layperson covered, no matter the situation. The is certainly reasonable for its extensive features and rugged durability, and with its ability to stand up to the harshest of conditions, responders can rest assured that the Zoll AED Pro will have them covered for years to come.

Zoll AED Pro | Additional Information + Documents
PDF iconZoll AED Pro Brochure
PDF iconZoll AED Pro Specifications

Making a Difference | Commerce with Comfort
AEDs Today makes a donation from each and every sale to accredited nonprofits. For the Zoll AED Pro, your purchase with AEDs Today will include the following donation to a worthwhile nonprofit: 

Yours and AEDs Today's Nonprofit Donation: $28.95

So feel good about your purchase. Together we're helping make the world a better, safer place, one sale a time. 

Zoll AED Pro SMART Rechargeable Battery
Zoll AED Pro SMART Rechargeable Battery
Your Price:$230.00
On sale:$215.00 On Sale
Your Price:$188.00
On sale:$177.45 On Sale
Zoll Stat Padz II
Zoll Stat Padz II
Your Price:$59.00
Zoll Pedi Padz II
Zoll Pedi Padz II
Your Price:$110.00
On sale:$99.75 On Sale
Surface Mount Wall AED Cabinet with Alarm
Surface Mount Wall AED Cabinet with Alarm
Your Price:$289.00
On sale:$259.00 On Sale
Zoll Mounting Bracket
Zoll Mounting Bracket
Your Price:$109.00
On sale:$68.25 On Sale
AED ConciergeŽ Service - Annual Fee
AED ConciergeŽ Service - Annual Fee
Your Price:$399.00
On sale:$249.00 On Sale
Zoll AED Pro Rechargeable Battery
Zoll AED Pro Rechargeable Battery
Your Price:$160.00
On sale:$140.00 On Sale
Zoll AED Pro Non-Rechargeable Battery
Zoll AED Pro Non-Rechargeable Battery
Your Price:$180.00
On sale:$160.00 On Sale
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