The Importance Of Having AEDs In College Housing

More colleges are choosing to put AEDs in their housing. In fact, many places require that college dormitories have AEDs. There are many ways that colleges can benefit from putting AEDs in their housing. Below is a list of reasons that every college dormitory should have an AED:
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Five Ways Black Friday Shopping Affects Your Health

Black Friday shopping seems to keep getting crazier each year. While we may know that shopping on the day after Thanksgiving may not actually save us that much money due to impulse buying, we might not realize that it can actually have a negative impact on our health. The following are five ways black Friday shopping can affect your health.
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The Lazy Man's Way To Stay Healthy

Staying healthy is not as challenging as many people think. In fact, it is possible for a man to stay healthy even if he is "lazy." Below is a list of tips that will help one stay healthy.

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Groups At Higher Risk Of Heart Attack

Heart attacks are the number one killer of people in the United States, according the the National Institute of Health (NIH). A heart attack occurs when oxygenated blood is blocked and cannot reach the heart. Without a quick restoration of oxygen to the heart, a section of it cannot function.
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The Effects of Fear on the Heart

Fear is an emotion. Fear has many fans, despite the distress aroused by a sense of impending danger, whether a threat is real or imagined. There are people around the world who seek after a good scare. They cannot seem to get enough of the “fight or flight” response with its heightened physiological changes. The sudden rush of energy makes them feel alive, followed by a comforting feeling of euphoria.

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