The Effects of Fear on the Heart

Fear is an emotion. Fear has many fans, despite the distress aroused by a sense of impending danger, whether a threat is real or imagined. There are people around the world who seek after a good scare. They cannot seem to get enough of the “fight or flight” response with its heightened physiological changes. The sudden rush of energy makes them feel alive, followed by a comforting feeling of euphoria.

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Healthy (Trick or) Treats The Kids Will Love

Millions of kids can't wait to dress up for Halloween and indulge in gooey, sugary treats. Parents, however, would love some healthier alternatives to all the sugar. The following are 8 healthy treats that kids will love.
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Why It's Important To Get A Physical Before Starting a Sport

Being actively engaged in sports is one of the best activities for health and well-being. According to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition, regular physical activity will prevent diseases, control weight, relieve stress and improve quality of sleep. However, suddenly performing strenuous sports can also be harmful to the body. Keep reading to learn why getting a physical before starting a sport is so important.
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Lives Saved By AEDs In September

AEDs are life-saving instruments that should be everywhere.  Here are some of the people whose lives were saved by an AED in September.

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