What are the Differences Between the LIFEPAK Express and the LIFEPAK CR Plus?

Continuing with our Q & A series, today we'll answer a common question regarding Physio-Control's LIFEPAK AEDs – what are the differences between the LIFEPAK CR Plus and the LIFEPAK Express? 

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What is the Difference Between a New and Refurbished AED?

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is the difference between a new and refurbished AED. This is a great question, particularly as the consideration of a refurbished AED or defibrillator can best enable a lifesaving device to be implemented in programs with tighter and more conservative budgets.
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Holiday Special: $125 Off All New AEDs

In honor of the holidays, AEDs Today would like to give back to our loyal customers. From now until the New Year, enjoy $125 off every new AED! It's our way of saying thanks and supporting the honorable efforts of all those we work with and everyone else looking to equip themselves with a lifesaving device.
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Do you Plan on Keeping your Heart Healthy this Holiday Season?

The holidays are here. Do you have a plan to keep your heart healthy this holiday season?  As we all know, the holiday season can result in overeating and a lack of exercise. However, it’s extremely important to keep a regular exercise schedule throughout the holidays to keep your heart and body healthy.
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