UNH Student Fights For AED In Sorority House

AEDs don’t just belong in gyms or near football fields. Cardiac arrest can happen at any time and any place, and there’s no reason to not be prepared.

It was that thought, along with her own personal tragedy, which inspired University of New Hampshire student and Alpha Xi Delta sister Andrea Karpinski to fight for the installation of an AED in her sorority house.

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Sioux Falls Calling On Local Artists To Increase AED Visibility

Here’s a creative solution for increasing the visibility of AEDs: The city of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is putting on an art contest to encourage local artists to design eye-catching signs for ten AEDs.

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Michigan Man Saved By Son, With Some Help From An AED

For Andy Blair, a 56-year-old Michigan man, having his life saved by an AED turned out to be quite the family affair. Back in February, Blair was helping prepare for an event at his local community center. Everything was going smoothly, and he decided to go grab himself a slice of pizza. The next thing he knew, he was in an ambulance.
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Akron Cardiologist Developing Mobile Game Aimed At Locating AEDs

Here’s the thing about AEDs: They can make the difference between life and death in cases of sudden cardiac arrest, and the more places that install them, the more lives can be saved. Trouble is, if no one knows where to find them, they’re not going to do anybody any good. This is the kind of problem that requires a creative solution, and a retired cardiologist in Akron, Ohio may have found one. Dr. Terry Gordon is leading an effort to create a smartphone game that will encourage local teens to help document the locations of AEDs.
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School Nurse Saves Co-Worker With AED

Big shout out today to Kelly Walton, a school nurse in South Carolina who used an AED to save the life of a fellow employee. Sammy Moorman, a cafeteria worker at Foster Park Elementary School, was outside breaking down cardboard boxes and singing a song on the morning of March 24. After a while, his co-workers realized that the singing had stopped. When they went outside to check on him, they found Moorman lying unconscious, collapsed on top of the boxes he had been working on.
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