Declare Your Independence From Bad Heart Health Habits!

Summertime is just around the corner. Summertime means to many people vacation time and party time. But while they are experiencing all the fun and the sun of summer, does anyone think about cardiovascular time?

The heart is an organ that gets neglected from a person's youth until the doctor declares 20 or 30 years later that heart disease is a reality. It is true that eventually the body wears out and falters, but is it possible to delay the number one killer of both men and women? 

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Three Reasons To Work Hiking Into Your Fitness Regiment

Hiking is a very good way to stay in shape, but man people think hiking is reserved only for those who live in picturesque mountain passes. 

Hiking is not an activity limited to those who have a good view out their window every morning, and you must go in search of a good hike that will enliven you, keep you in shape and give you a breath of fresh air. 

This article explores the places hiking will take you that you cannot find elsewhere.
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Healthy Summer Snacks The Kids Will Love

Summer is about exploring, dreaming and driving parents batty for most kids. Finally, the kids are free to enjoy all that life has to offer. Responsible parents need to bring a healthy range of snacks to keep the little ones energized.

Children don't really have a very good hunger gauge. Either they are just fine or they are hungry. And when they are hungry, they want food now! Here are 5 healthy snacks to satisfy your child's hunger quickly.
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Father's Day Gifts That Promote Heart Health

Father's Day is just around the corner, so now is the time to find the perfect gift for your dad, husband or other beloved father figure. 

If you want to give a truly unique and meaningful gift, consider buying something related to health and wellness. This allows you to show Dad that you care about his well being, and you can customize the gift to suit his unique interests and needs. 
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