Mass. Girl Scout Leads Effort To Train Local Teachers In CPR, Acquire AEDs For Schools

The Gold Award, the highest honor a Girl Scout can be awarded, cannot be completed until the candidate completes a project that betters their community.

Girl Scout Amanda Wendland has certainly found an effective way to do just that.

Wendland, who hails from Mansfield, Mass., will earn her honors by distributing AEDs to schools in her community and getting local teachers CPR certified, and effort that we at AEDs Today can certainly get behind.

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5 Ways to Improve Blood Pressure Awareness

High blood pressure is called the “silent killer,” as it can cause major systemic health problems, including sudden cardiac arrest, without causing any noticeable or bothersome symptoms.

Getting the word out on the importance of blood pressure is a priority. So share the information and save lives!

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Off-Duty California Cop Saves Man At Gym With CPR, AED

All gyms should have an AED on hand to help ensure the safety and health of its members. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to have an off-duty trooper hanging around.

Seamus Leavy, a police trooper from Saratoga, Calif., was working out at a local gym when he saw a young man near him collapse.

Luckily, Leavy’s training had prepared him for such a life and death moment. Upon determining that the 23-year-old was unconscious and not breathing, Leavy began administering CPR.

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New York Police Officer Saved By Coworkers, AED

When New York police officer Kevin Zuchlewski  wanted to express his gratitude to the coworkers who saved his life with an AED, he didn’t just thank them.

He organized an event.

On June 16, Zuchlewski returned to the locker room after exercising in the police department gym, only to collapse on the floor.

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California Supreme Court Rules Target Not Required To Have AED On-Site

Last week, the California Supreme Court ruled in favor of Target after a family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the retail giant, alleging that their failure to have an AED on the premises was in violation of state law. 

Mary Ann Verdugo, 49, was shopping at a Target store in Pico Rivera, CA when she suffered a sudden heart attack. Though paramedics were called, they were unable to revive Verdugo upon their arrival. 

 Had an AED been available, there would still have been no guarantee that Verdugo would have survived. 

 But one thing’s for sure. She would have had a MUCH better chance than the one she actually had.
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