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What Can You Grill Besides Meat?

Posted by Dan Cromar on 7/29/2015
When you think of firing up the grill, usually it brings to mind thoughts of burgers, steaks, brats or a variety of other meats.

But there are plenty of other foods that are delicious right off a piping hot grill! Consider adding some of these to your repertoire.
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Must Read: Mother Continues To Fight For AEDs Nine Years After Son's Tragic Death

Posted by Dan Cromar on 7/8/2015
Today's must read story comes out of Gambrills, Maryland. Nine years ago, Connor Freed drowned at a local pool, and died after a lifeguard failed to utilize the AED on hand. 

Ever since then, his mother, Debbie Freed, has been working hard to raise money and awareness through the Connor Cares Foundation to make AEDs and AED training more readily available. 

 Check out the story here.
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Must Read: Doctors Want To Make AEDs More Available

Posted by Thomas Oliver on 7/1/2015
At AEDs Today, we talk a lot about the benefits of AEDs and the advantages to having them in as many buildings and public places as possible.

But don't take our word for it. There are plenty of medical professionals out there who agree with us.

It's pretty simple: AEDs are easy and safe to use, but they have to be available to make a difference. 

Read the full article on why doctors want AEDs to be more readily available here.
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