New Jersey Passes New CPR/AED Law

Students in New Jersey will soon get a new life-saving lesson added to their curriculum.

A New Jersey law passed on August 20th will require high school students to complete CPR and AED training.

The law was signed at the Burlington Township Middle School where a student recently collapsed and was successfully revived by the use of CPR and an AED. The law is put in place simply to increase the amount of people who are capable of saving the lives of others.
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AEDs In The News - August 19, 2014

At AEDs Today, we love sharing stories of lives being saved by AEDs or of communities coming together to donate a new AED.

This week, we decided that we couldn’t pick just one!

Wisconsin Rapids kickball tournament raises money for AEDs

Honestly, what could be better than spending a day playing sports and listening to live music with your friends?

How about raising money for AEDs for children at the same time?

That’s exactly what some folks from Wisconsin Rapids got to do just that this past weekend, when they took part in the second annual Kick Start Your Heart fundraiser.

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Why Every Business Should Have An AED

At AEDs Today, we care about trying to get AEDs into as many places as possible. And that’s not just because it would be good for business.

It’s pretty simple: The more AEDs there are in public places, the greater the chance that someone who suffers from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) will be saved.

And if that reason alone isn’t enough to convince you to purchase an AED for your business, we’ve got some more.

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This Week In AED Donation Stories

Here at AEDs Today, we always enjoy sharing a story of a life saved by an AED, or of communities coming together to bring AEDs to places where they previously weren't available. This week, we found a few different stories of generous donations of AEDs to some communities that really needed them. It does our hearts good to see these lifesaving devices being made available in more and more places all across the country!
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