Unexpected Indicators of Heart Health

Most people think of things like obesity and chest pains as indicators of possible heart problems; however, there are other signs that you may be missing. The following are some unexpected symptoms that may indicate you have potentially serious cardiovascular issues.
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Exercise Is Boring - Four Fun Ways To Stay Active

There are many benefits to exercise, but when exercise is perceived as boring, it’s enough to deter people away from it. 

However, exercise doesn’t have to be boring. After all, exercise is nothing more than moving the body to burn calories and increase muscle amongst other benefits. There are ways to move the body in a fun way. Stop focusing on exercise, and start focusing on having fun. 
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How Weight Loss Is Good For The Heart

When the heart is being taxed in the job of pumping blood throughout the body, sometimes the blood stalls and forms clots. Relieving the load on the heart makes blood clots less likely to form. Fat that surrounds the heart and belly are particularly negative for good heart health. 

Even people with a weight approaching normal with the so-called "beer belly" are at higher risk for heart problems. Losing 10 to 20 pounds in these cases can also be beneficial.
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