5 Tips for Throwing a Healthy Football Party (that the Guys will Still Enjoy)

One of the best things about football season is the delicious food that accompanies each game. Unfortunately, pizza, chips and dips can be high in calories, fat and sodium. While many guys balk at the thought of eating healthier foods, it is possible to throw a football party with healthy foods that even guys will love. Use these five tips to make your football party great while keeping the calorie count low.
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Tips For Fundraising For An AED Purchase

Some hospitals employ fundraisers to raise funds as their primary job function. These professionals must utilize various techniques in order to maximize donations for hospital projects. One of the projects that often call for fundraising is the purchase of expensive hospital equipment like AEDs. Here are a few fundraising tips for the purchase of an AED.
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Healthy Eating Tips for College Students

The average college student living in a residence hall will gain at least 25 pounds in their freshman year of college. Part of this gain in weight is due to the changes in the body’s metabolism as students are beginning to become adults rather than teenagers. However, a lot of the increase in weight while in college is because students are now 100 percent responsible for choosing the times that they eat along with selecting foods and beverages. To learn more about vitamins and other nutrients, a college student should enroll in a nutrition class in their first semester of college. Here are a few additional tips that students can follow in order to remain healthy while in college and afterward. 
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Keeping off the "Freshman 15"

The Dreaded "Freshman 15"

It's that time again - September has rolled back around and for many it means kissing childhood goodbye and starting their first year of college. But what about those that are worried about the dreaded "Freshman 15?" We've all heard the term, used to describe the excess weight many freshman accumulate their first year of college due to stress, excessive drinking, or a combination of both. While it does claim man victims, this unfortunate and pesky episode can be avoided by following a few simple tips!

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5 Weight Loss Tips After Your Labor Day BBQ

Labor Day is a time when many have parties to celebrate time off work and bid the summer goodbye. This means delicious foods, and overindulgence feels almost mandatory. Unfortunately, that adds on the pounds very quickly. Here are five tips for dropping that extra weight.
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