After 15-year-old soccer star Milan Moosavizadeh suffered from sudden cardiac arrest on the field, the close-knit community came together to address a poor response time and lack of ready access to an AED. As the community made their own efforts, so too did Milan – with doctors predicting the worse and taking him off of life support, Milan fought back and is now at home under the care of his mother.

The community Milan and his family are part of addressed the situation of poor AED access by creating bracelets for Milan, the proceeds of which went to purchasing an AED the group of supporters soon hopes to purchase.

Obviously this is a very touching story, and all of us at AEDs Today love to support these efforts and will do all that we can. However, for all of us that tragedy has not personally stricken, we need to learn from the experiences of others and address the risk that is too prevalent in most of our communities. Please be sure your sports teams and fields, no matter the age of the participants, is equipped with an AED at all times and that at least someone is trained in proper CPR techniques.

From all of us at AEDs Today, we are so proud of Milan and his fighting spirit. For the community that has come together, we wish you the very best and to support you in your honorable efforts.

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