A 22-year-old student of East Stroudsburg University was saved by an AED Tuesday afternoon. The AED that saved the student's life was purchased by a local nonprofit started by Rachel Moyer, whose 15-year-old Greg Moyer died December 2nd, 2000, from sudden cardiac arrest during halftime of a basketball game. "I can't even tell you how happy I was to hear the news," said Moyer.

After Greg's death, Rachel Moyer and her husband launched a campaign to install AEDs in key locations within schools and public buildings. Rachel Moyer personally saw to it that AEDs were placed within the buildings of East Stroudsburg University.

The student, whose identity was not released by officials, collapsed during a basketball game on Tuesday, December 7th. Wendy Dietrich, an athletic trainer, responded to the emergency and delivered the lifesaving shock with the AED purchased by the Gregory W. Moyer Defibrillator Fund.

"I'm just overcome with joy that I was able to help this young man," said Dietrich.

The AED used to save the young athlete's life was used to save a life previously, as well. During a graduation ceremony among East Stroudsburg University's Koehler Field House, the AED was used to revive the heart of a man who suffered from sudden cardiac arrest.

From all of us at AEDs Today, congratulations to the lifesaving efforts of both Wendy Dietrich and Rachel Moyer of the Gregory W. Moyer Defibrillator Fund. The efforts of these two heroes saved the life of one 22-year-old that may very well have been lost without your heroism.

To read the full story, please click here. To make a donation to the Gregory W. Moyer fund, please visit www.gregaed.org.