The Athletic Director in Wilbur, Washington, has received a new lease on life after effective AED placement and quick friends came to his rescue. Suffering from sudden cardiac arrest before a volleyball game, the 47-year-old actually was the person that took part in purchasing the AED for the school that would later save his very life.

"When I went to the floor I was yelling 'I need help' and it was still on the microphone," said Steve Jantz.

Jantz's friend quickly performed CPR, yet Jantz was blue and responsive to the treatment. A registered nurse that happened to be in the crowd called for an AED, which was brought to the scene. Fifteen minutes later, Jantz finally started to show signs of life. Doctors stated that if it wasn't for the AED and the quick thinking of his friends and those in the crowd, Jantz wouldn't be alive today.

Jantz is currently resting at the local hospital as he makes a full recovery. Everyone at AEDs Today wishes Steve Jantz the quickest of recoveries and congratulates everyone involved with this most recent save!

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