All gyms should have an AED on hand to help ensure the safety and health of its members. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt to have an off-duty trooper hanging around.

Seamus Leavy, a police trooper from Saratoga, Calif., was working out at a local gym when he saw a young man near him collapse.

Luckily, Leavy’s training had prepared him for such a life and death moment. Upon determining that the 23-year-old was unconscious and not breathing, Leavy began administering CPR.

Though this was enough to briefly get him breathing again, it wasn’t until a gym employee (who had already called the paramedics) brought over the gym’s AED that Leavy was able to get the victim out of the woods.

It took two shocks and some more CPR, but the young victim ultimately began breathing on his own, regained consciousness, and was actually up on his feet when the paramedics arrived.

It’s safe to say that Leavy’s actions saved the young man’s life. In fact, the data downloaded from the AED showed that, had Leavy not acted as quickly as he had, there’s a very good chance the victim would not have survived.

The beauty of AEDs, however, is that you don’t need to be a police officer to use one to save someone’s life.

In this case, Leavy’s police training allowed him to act quickly and calmly, but just preparing yourself with a little knowledge, you can also be the difference in a life or death scenario.

Find a local CPR class today, and make sure that your gym has an AED on hand!